USSR Writers Union

Title : USSR Writers Union
Historical information :
The Soviet writers union (SSP) was created on the basis of the decision of Central Committee of VKP (b) of April, 23 1932 “About reorganization of literary - public organizations”. By the same decision all earlier existing organizations of writers were liquidated. Till 1934 the Organizing committee supervised over work of the union. At the 1st All-Union writers congress the board was elekted; it headed by A.M. Gorky. From 1941 to 1954 A.A. Fadeyev was the general secretary of the SSP (since 1959 K.A. Fedin was the first secretary of the union). From 2nd All-Union writers congress the union began to name the USSR Writers Union. The publishing house “Soviet writer” and Litfond (Literary fund) exist at the union.