Fund Number : 2714
Title : Kuznetsov, Pavel Varfolomeyevich (1878-1968) - painter; his wife Bebutova, Helena Mikhailovna (1892-1970) - painter
Annotation :
Drawings by P. V. Kuznetsov. Scetches and composition scetches to pictures "Parashutny desant" (" The Paratroopers' Landing"), "Urozhay" (" The Harvest"), "Kavkazsky peyzazh s buyvolami" ("Caucasian landscape with buffalos") and others [the 1920s -the 1960s]; albums and notebooks (20) with landscape scetches, scetches of male and female bodies [the 1920s - the 1960s]. 351 draw. in all. Manuscripts of P. V. Kuznetsov. Articles: "Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin. Moi vospominaniya (My memoirs about Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin)" [the 1950s], " Obshchestvo hudozhnikov "4 iskusstva" ("The Society of Artists "4 Arts") in coauthorship with Е. М. Bebutova (1960), "Iskusstbo v 1917 godu" ("Art in the year 1917") (1961); the report about artists-monumentalists staff training (1946); autobiographies (1937 - [1950s]). 8 man. in all. The letter of P. V. Kuznetsov to М. S. Saryan (1968). Letters to P. V. Kuznetsov from: М. V. Alpatov 2 [1950s], V. E. Borisov-Musatov (1905), D. D. Burlyuk (1964), К. V. Kandaurov (1929), N. A. Kasatkin (1929), N. N. Punin (1929), М. S. Saryan 2 (1929 - [1968]), V. K. Stanyukovich (1929), V. А. Favorsky (1956), N. М. Chernishov (1958), I. G. Erenburg 2 ([1964], 1966) and others. 68 corr. in all. The P. V. Kuznetsov's Certificate of birth. (1878), Graduate Certificate from painting, skulpture and architecture College (1904), Lletters from museums, exhibition committees, publishing houses (1914 - 1968), exhibition posters (1923 - 1931), declaration of art groups "Bitiye" ("Existence"), "Makovets", "Obshchestvo molodih"("The Society of young people"), "4 iskusstva" ("4 Arts"), "Ost" signed by L. А. Bruni, P. V. Kuznetsov, А. А. Osmyorkin and others (1925). Addresses, Greeting Addresses, letters and telegrames to P. V. Kuznetsov in connection with jubilees of: the Kamerny Theatre, МОSSH and other art organisations; from: D. B. Daran, D. P. Shterenberg and others (1929 - 1964). Articles about P. V. Kuznetsov - pr. copies (1923 - 1968), N. N, Punin "Pavel Kuznetsov" - the monograph [1930s], К. F. Yuon "Pavel Kuznetsov" - the article (1956); the book of impressions from P. V. Kuznetsov works exhibition with V. N. Goryaev's, V. A. Favorsky's, I. G. Frih-Hara's, I. М. Chaykov's, I. G. Erenburg's and other notes (1964 - 1965). Е. М. Beybutova drawings - about 200 ([the 1910s] - 1966), photographs of costumes scetches and performance sets 23 (1925 - [the 1940s]). Manuscripts of Е. М. Beybutova. Article "Paris" [1920s]; a speech about acting in Art monuments protection Commission in Moscow [the 1950s]; "Ot kubizma k klassitsizmu" (" From Cubism to Classicism") - translation of D. Severini's book with the A. V. Lunacharsky's preface [the 1920s]; memoirs [the 1950s - the 1960s]; autobiographies (1949 - 1967) and others. 8 man. in all. Letters to Е. М. Beybutova from: Yu. V. Batyushkov (1968), О. Ya. Kolichev (1968), V. М. Lobanov [1960], M. S. Saryan 3 (1968 - 1969) and others. 18 corr. in all.; letters and telegrams to her in connectoin with P. V. Kuznetsov's death from: I. L. Andronnikov, V. G. Behteyev, S. T. Konenkov and others (1968). Documents to the biography of Е. М. Beybutova (1923 - 1968). Articles and notes about Е. М. Beybutova - pr. cuttings (1923 - 1940). Photographs of P. V. Kuznetsov [the 1920s] and photographs of Е. М. Beybutova 4 (1923 - [the 1950s]). Photographs of towns, everyday occurrences, character types of the Middle Asia 130 [the 1900s -the 1910s]. A drawing of А. V. Lentulov - the cover scetch of the magazine "Put osvobozhdeniya" ("The Way of Freeing") [1917]. Poems and articles collections of D. D. Burlyuk with his marks and drawings(1930 - 1962).
Dates : 1878 - 1970 гг.
Quantity of Items : 133