Fund Number : 1988
Title : Moor, Dmitry Stakhiyevich (Orlov; 1883-1946) - graphic painter
Annotation :
Drawings of D.S.Moor on the theme of the home life of the USSR : "Sverzheniye menshevistskogo pravitelstva v Gruzii" - Indian ink, watercolour (1921; "Overthrow the Menshevist Government in Georgia"), "Golod v Povolzhye" - Indian ink, pen (1921-1926; "Famine in Povolzhye"), "Selskokhozyaystvennaya vystavka 1923 g." - Indian ink, pen, watercolour (1923; "Agricultural Exhibition in 1923"), "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin na tribune" - Indian ink (1924; "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on the platform") and others; drawings on the theme of foreign policy : "Kitayskaya revolyutsiya" - Indian ink, pen (1926-1927; "Revolution in China"), "Zabastovka angliyskikh gornyakov" - Indian ink, pen (1926-1928; "The Strike of the English Miners"), "Priznaniye SSSR Frantsiyey i Angliyey" - Indian ink, pen (1924; "Recognition the USSR by France and England"), "Chemberlen za chteniyem"- Indian ink, pen (1929; "Chamberlain being at reading"), "Fashizatsiya Germanii" - Indian ink, pen (1929-1934; "Fascistization of Germany"), "Grazhdanskaya voyna v Ispanii" - Indian ink, pen (1937; "The Civil War in Spain"); drawings on anti-religious themes (1917-1941); illustrations for "Myortvye dushi" ("Dead Souls") by N.V.Gogol - Indian ink, for the tale of P.P.Yershov "Konyok-Gorunok" ("The Humpbacked Horse" or "The Little Magic Horse") - Indian ink, gouache, pencil, for the fables of I.A.Krylov - Indian ink, pencil, for V.V.Mayakovsky's poem "Chto takoye khorosho i chto takoye plokho" ("What is Well and What is Badly") - Indian ink, pencil et al. (1918-1946); sketches of posters to films [before 1917]; self-portraits - Indian ink, pen, pencil (1934 and n.d.); caricatures and portraits of : D.Bedny, A.I.Bezymensky, S.M.Budyonny, P.P.Vershigora, Galilei, I.V.Ilyinsky, M.I.Kalinin, P.M.Kerzhentsev, P.Lafargue, L.M.Leonov, A.V.Lunacharsky, K.Marx, V.V.Mayakovsky, A.I.Mikoyan, G.S.Petrov, V.P.Polonsky, A.S.Serafimovich, K.S.Stanislavsky, M.Twain, I.P.Utkin, C.Chaplin, M.A.Chrkhov, G.V.Chicherin, the writers of the group "Kuznitsa" ("Smithy") et al. - pencil, Indian ink, pen, watercolour, gouache (1922-1946). 295 drawings in all. Sketchbooks and notebooks (8) with drawings of D.S.Moor : sketches of the views of the Extreme North, the Crimea, illustrations to "Slovo o polku Igoreve" ( "The Lay of the Warfare Waged by Igor"), caricatures of V.V.Mayakovsky et al. (1913-1927). Manuscripts of D.S.Moor. Speeches, articles, notes : about heroes, members of the expedition under the leadership of I.D.Papanin, about the nonstop flight of the Soviet pilotes through North Pole, about achievements of socialist formation [1930s]; reports and articles : "Poligraficheskoye oformleniye plakata" (1936; "Printing Design of the Poster"), "O kompozitsii istoricheskoy zhivopisnoy kartiny" ([1941-1945]; "About the Composition of the Historical Painting"), "O plakate v Velikuyu Otechectvennuyu voynu" (after 1945; "About the Poster during The Great Patriotic War"), about V.A.Favorsky (n.d.); memoirs about V.A.Gilyarovsky and V.V.Mayakovsky (n.d.), the autobiography (1934). 42 manuscripts in all. Letters to D.S.Moor from : O.M.Beskin (1935), A.M.Kanevsky (1935), N.D.Teleshov (1946), M.B.Kharpchenko (1941) et all. 15 correspondences in all. The birth certificate of D.S.Moor (1883); letters of the publishing houses, editorial boards of the newspapers and journals, museums and other organizations to D.S.Moor (1916-1946); identify cards, membership cards, certificates (1919-1943); the project of the declaration of Association of the revolutionary poster workers written by D.S.Moor and his report about the work of the association (1931 and n.d.); greeting letters and telegrams in connection with the 25th anniversary of D.S.Moor's art activity (1934-1935); shorthand records of meetings and conferences of poster artists (1940-1942). Individual and group photographs of D.S.Moor 46 [1920s-1940s]. 1912-1941. Caricatures of N.I.Bukharin, L.B.Kamenev, M.P.Tomsky, L.D.Trotsky, A.B.Khalatov (1912-1929) and other comrades (1912-1929) made by D.S.Moor, and others.
Quantity of Items : 428