Fund Number : 832
Title : Serov V.N.
Annotation :
The writing-books of V.A.Serov (2) with notes about trip with I.E.Repin to Ukraine, with compositions under the literature and exercises on Russian language (1880 - 1881); notebook of V.A.Serov with sketches, records of addresses and phones [1910s]. The letters of V.A.Serov to A.A.Korzinkin (1906) and M.F.Yakunchikova (1887). The letter of A.P.Chekhov to V.A.Serov (1900). The will of V.A.Serov (1903). The articles and notes about V.A.Serov - the press cuttigs (1888 - 1971); lists of works of V.A.Serov kept at successors, in private assemblies and museums of the USSR (1916 - 1958); memoirs of O.V.Serova (daughter of the artist) "Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov" ("Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov") and her comments to V.A.Serov's correspondence ([1930s], 1945); the letter of I.E.Grabar to V.I.Mukhina, of M.V.Nesterov to the Arts Business Committee of the USSR about an establishment of a monument on V.A.Serov's tomb [1941]. The letters of I.E.Repin to N.V.Serova - daughter of the artist (1927), of O.V.Serova to P.D.Korin [1965], and others. Materials of relatives (1888 - 1965). The drawing of M.A.Vrubel - details of the Saint Mark cathedrals in Venice - with dedication to V.A.Serov (1885), V.V.Mate's engravings with dedications to V.A.Serov 2 [1900s]. The drawing of A.N.Serov (father of the artist, composer) - a self-portrait (1845). The photographs of a house in Moscow where V.A.Serov lived 2 [1950s].
Dates : 1845 - 1971 гг.
Quantity of Items : 58